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And to our growing family. welcome home! Thank you for choosing ALTUS Ethiopian Cuisine where you’ll find a dining experience unlike any other. Here, we invite you to enjoy the traditional, generations-old recipes perfected and handmade for you daily by Altu Tadesse. So grab a couple of friends, unwind for a minute and come experience authentic Ethiopian cooking like you’ve never had before: from your own family’s kitchen.


Most of the menu items consist of slow-cooked. onion-based sauces stewed with various meats. vegetables. beans and legumes. 

Injera is simultaneously your food, your utensil, and your plate.

Tradionally. everything is served atop a piece of injera, a spongy sourdough flatbread made primarily of teff flour. Use the torn pieces of bread to scoop up bites of the stews: the bread on the bottom (which soaks up the juices and spices) is then eaten.

Ask for rice instead of bread if the injera just isn't for you.

If you prefer, have your food served on a bed of steamed white rice (lightly spiced with turmeric). Flatware is available for dishes served over rice.

Need something extra spicy? Wondering how spicy "spicy" is? If we haven't answered any of your questions here, feel free to ask!



These scaled-down dishes are more than satisfying, and they get to your table fast!
Veggie dishes are topped with cabbage and wrapped inside a fresh piece of injera. Meat dishes are served on an open roll of injera with cabbage on the side.
Check out our Vegetarian and Meat Group Feasts if you’re eating for more!






Served on your choice of bread or rice. Included a small side of cabbage and salad.





Combo Dinners

Chicken & BEEF Combo


Choose ANY ONE Chicken Stew and ANY ONE Beef Stew. Just Specify Mild or Spicy!



Get a quarter portion of each of the FIRST FOUR vegetarian items for $13 or CHOOSE ANY 4 for $13.50



A half portion of beef or chicken stew, AND a half portion of a vegetarian dish of your choice.

Smoothies & Refreshments

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

A smooth blend of frozen fruit, orange juice, a fresh banana and a drizzle of honey to add a refreshing (and dairy-free) aftertaste to a savory meal.

Dessert Options


Daily Specials

Available All Day (While Supplies Last)

Mild or spicy beef stewed with Altu’s sweet and tender cabbage. A relatively simple dish with lots of surprising flavor

Altu’s only non-Ethiopian recipe, this unique dish from Mozambique consists of collard greens stewed in a delectable blend of ground peanuts, coconut milk, onions and mild spices. Very creamy and deliciously subtle. (Served over rice)

Another favorite dish with low heat and big flavor. Tender potato chunks are stewed in a complex curry tomato-onion sauce with whole green beans, baby carrots, and mild spices.

We save the best for last! Come celebrate the weekend with a hearty helping the only stir-fried dish on Altu’s menu: cubes of sirloin beef, fresh onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos sauteed in a uniquely spiced sauce blend that will make your mouth water. Please allow 10-15 minutes for preparation. (caution: spicy!)


For those who love to split and share, trust Altu’s tried-and-true combination platters to suit everyone’s needs. All feasts are served family-style, i.e. on one plate of injera with extra pieces of bread provided. Drinks are included, with the exception of smoothies and alcoholic beverages. Substitutions can be applied with some exceptions. Sorry, lamb meat cannot be included on feasts.



Sides & Shareables

Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine & Bar

Our restaurant is named after its owner, founder, and master of flavor, Altu Tadesse. (Pronounce her name ALL-too tuh-DESS-uh.) Altu learned to love food and flavor when living in Ethiopia, in her childhood. Foods commonly considered unremarkable (lima beans and cabbage are among them) become delectable with her loving preparation. Altu instinctively approaches food as a composer creates a musical piece. Her experience paired with her five senses result in enticing layers of flavor. To learn more about her food, read “What is Ethiopian Food Like?”

Altu lived in Ethiopia until after she graduated from University. Long a US citizen, she makes Greater Lansing a more friendly and flavorful place, thanks to her restaurant. Gutu H. Lencha (GOO-too LEN-chah) was born and raised in Ethiopia. In 2001, Gutu left his homeland. He first moved to Kenya. During this time he started his own Ethiopian restaurant in Nairobi, Kenya. His restaurant was well regarded by the community. When Gutu moved to the USA, he first worked for Whole Food Market in Seattle, Washington. He subsequently moved to Pennsylvania and continued to work for Whole Foods Market, in several positions and locations. Gutu worked in real estate for a few years. Now in East Lansing, He’s delighted to be the successor at Altu’s Ethiopian cuisine & Bar.