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1312 Michigan Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823
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Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine

Altu's Dinner Menu

1. Spicy Chicken Stew (see photo at right)...$9.99
This is something of a "national dish" in Ethiopia, a spicy thick sauce with dark berbere spice and a touch of tomato.

2. Mild Chicken Stew...$9.99
Caramelized onions are the basis of this delicious sauce.

17. Breast Chicken Strips (Mild or Medium Spiced)...$11.50

Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine
Beef & Lamb
3. Spicy Sirloin Meat Stew...$10.75
A flavorful sauce spiced with berbere, richly spicy.

4. Mild Sirloin Meat Stew (see photo)... $10.75
Mild yet flavorful chunks of meat in savory sauce.

5. Spicy or Mild Sirloin Meat with Mixed Vegetables (see photo, top left item)...$11.00
Try this one on a bed of rice rather than bread if you are looking for something mild and familiar. Very satisfying.

6. Spicy or Mild Lamb Meat...$14.00
Our lamb is halal-processed, high quality meat with rich sauce, flavored your way.

7. Beef & Chicken Combo...$11.50
8. Beef or Chicken with any Vegetarian Dish...$11.50
19. Beef in Spicy Chickpea Sauce...$10.75

Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine
Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine
Vegetarian Specials
9. Spicy Lentils...$7.99
A favorite in Ethiopia, with a complex set of flavors... not just spice, real depth.

10. Mild Split Yellow Peas...$7.99
Another good choice for those wanting a familiar and mild dish. Satisfying and filling.

11. Whole White Peas & Potatoes...$7.99

12. Spicy Pinto Beans...$7.99
These are not like any other Pintos you have tried, richly layered with Altu's rich flavorings and traditional berbere spice.

13. Mild Lima Beans (see photo at right)...$8.25
This one you will not find in Ethiopia, it's Altu's special recipe. Mild and creamy, not grainy like the limas of your past. Regular customers come back for these, you must try them, too.

14. Spicy Ground Peas...$8.25
This smooth-textured specialty starts with chickpeas ground into flour, spiced and flavorful.

15. Vegetarian Combo (see photo at right)...$9.99
   (Any four vegetarian items)

16. Spicy Ground Peas Mixed with Greens...$8.99
Take #14 above and blend with Altu's collard greens for a delightful change of pace.

18. Mild Garlic Lentils (formerly Saturday Special)...$8.25
These were so popular that we added them to the everyday menu. Delicious!

20. NEW! Mild Chickpeas Sauce...$8.25

Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine



Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine

Group Dinner Feasts (Drinks Included)
Veggie Feast for Two or Three: Spicy Lentils, Yellow Peas, Spicy Ground Peas, Lima Beans & Collard Greens. For Two...$26.50; For Three...$32.

Meat Feast for Two or Three: Spicy Chicken, Mild Chicken, Spicy Beef, Mild Chicken Breast. For Two...$32; For Three...$41.

Veggie & Meat Feast for Two or Three: Choose any two items from Meat Feast and three items from Veggie Feast. For Two...$32; For Three...$40. (See photo with Mild Beef, Spicy Chicken, Spicy Ground Peas, Split Yellow Peas and Spicy Pinto Beans.)

Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine

Daily Specials

Tuesday: Beef & Cabbage Mix...$10.25
Wednesday: I) Chicken cooked with mustard, lemon juice, onion and jalapeño pepper, served on rice (Senegal)...$9.99

II) Collard greens cooked in peanut sauce and coconut milk, served on rice (Mozambique)...$8.99

Thursday: Green bean, carrots & potatoes special...$8.99
Friday: Spicy tender beef shreds...$10.25
Please stop by the restaurant for Lunch Menu, Drinks, Side Orders and Desserts. (Photo is Lunch Portion of Spicy Chicken Stew.)

Quality Ingredients,
Tasty Meals,
No Compromises.

Altu's Ethiopian Cuisine